Case Sosnoff – Where do I start? The coming about of a young trader

Case Sosnoff

Case Sosnoff

Case Sosnoff chats to me about her life growing up surrounded by traders, how she came to being taught options trading on a public TV show by one of the most famous and outspoken traders in the world, how she handles trading stress, what her favorite strategies are and she also gives me quite a good look behind the scenes of TastyTrade and I even managed to get a few comments about TastyTrade’s Australia plans from her.


After my interview with Tom Sosnoff a while ago, I thought I ask his daughter Case for an interview. She and Tom have a regular segment called “Where Do I Start? which is a great combination of really good entertainment and invaluable trading information, especially (but most certainly not only) for traders who are starting out.

Case Sosnoff on Twitter

The Jade Lizard  Strategy

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