David Novac – Trading using charts, indicators and risk management

David Novac

David Novac

David Novac is a finance educator and an exceptional trader. He is sharing his views on what makes successful traders, we chat about his career, charts (he loves them), indicators (he loves some of them) and risk management (there is something we both like) and he gives me a brief outline of how he approaches the subject of teaching options trading.


David Novac was the one who introduced me to options in the late 90’s and we have gradually become friends. He was the CFO of a $6 Billion Merchant Bank at age 27 and founded Wealthwise Education in 1997. He travelled the world as a speaker of Robert Kyosaki’s (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Financial Intelligence and Fundamentals of Investing Programs. And just to add to the public speaking engagements, he was also a speaker in Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery tours.

More recently he has become a co-host on Sky Business’ Lunch Money and also on “Market Day” and he is a TV expert panelist on “Your Money Your Call”.


Wealthwise Education

Watch him when he is in action in these YouTube clips

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