Franklin Sanders – In love with Gold, God and Life

Franklin Sanders The Moneychanger

Franklin Sanders

My guest on this episode is Franklin Sanders, the Moneychanger. He has been a gold and silver dealer for about 35 years, is the author of many books, a daily commentator at and, a pastor, a writer, a precious metals expert, a farmer and father of seven who took on the US Federal and the Tennessee Governments as well as the IRS in relation to questions surrounding gold as “money” in a court battle that lasted more than a decade.



The interview provides a fascinating look at a man who does not shy away from controversy and stands up for what he thinks is right. I focussed mostly on his expertise in Gold and was trying to find out what it is, that fascinates humans so much about it. The interview was recorded on 2 Dec 2014.

Franklin Sanders’ web site

Direct link to the story about the court battles

Link to a chart mentioned in the interview – The Dow Gold Ratio

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