Franklin Sanders “How I beat the US Government”

Franklin Sanders The Moneychanger

Franklin Sanders

Franklin Sanders, the Moneychanger, is back on the show telling me all about the lawsuits he went through when he was sued by the US Federal Government, the State of Tennessee and, just to make it a bit more interesting, the IRS. He has been a gold and silver dealer for about 35 years, is the author of many books, a daily commentator at and, a pastor, a writer, a precious metals expert, a farmer and father of seven.


I asked Franklin Sanders back basically due to popular demand, because a lot of people asked me about that lawsuit Franklin was talking about in my first interview with him.   While the first interview focussed very much on Franklin’s expertise as a Gold trader and precious metals authority (as it should in a trading podcast, right?) this time there is not a word about trading, options trading or Gold solver ratios, it’s just pure and simple Franklin talking about what happened when he got sued by the US government for conspiracy and failing to pay income tax.

Franklin was kind enough to send me a few photos of his family, one you listened to the podcast you will understand why I post them here.

Franklin & Susan Sanders

Franklin & Susan Sanders

Franklin & Susan Sanders

Franklin & Susan Sanders

Sanders family

Sanders family

Franklin Sanders’ web site

Direct link to the story about the court battles

Tax protestors in the USA – Wikipedia

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  1. drip
    July 06, 12:14
    Thank God he finally won! We do indeed live in a fascist, socialist state and most people are asleep at the wheel. I wonder - do you know anything about Bernard Nothaus who was arrested for creating supposedly illegal money backed by gold & silver? He seemed to get the same treatment. I wonder how he has fared? blessings all,

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