Guests Wish List

The purpose of this page is kind of sneaky. While asking interesting people whether I can interview them on my podcast, I have had very few people declining my requests. But in a few cases I just do not get any response and that is a difficult scenario for me. Did the person get my request and simply does not want to be interviewed, but for whatever reason does not want to say so? Did my message get through but was stopped by an overzealous gate keeper / PA? Did my message get overlooked? Did a spam filter get a hold of it?

The last thing I want to be is a pain to anybody with my interview requests. So instead of running the risk of annoying people by sending repeated requests for interviews, I thought I create this page. The plan is that Google does its job, this page will get indexed and if anybody of the people on this list has a Google Alert Selfie (a Google Alert for their own name – I think I just created that word), then they will get sent to this page by an email from Google.

I cannot wait to see if this woks. If you are one of the people on the list below, please do let me know whether you would consider coming onto my show or not.

Dr. Steven Novella, neurologist at Yale. I am a huge fan of his publications at Science Based Medicine, his own Neurologica Blog and of course the SGU Podcast.  I initially thought he would be a great candidate to talk to me about conformation bias, that was before I thought of Dr. Michael Shermer, who I interviewed here on that very subject. I think Dr. Novella could tell us some fascinating facts about human memory and how trustworthy or untrustworthy it actually is. Traders and your often quite “selective” memories watch out!

Colin Twiggs writes one of my favorite blogs, is the creator of the Incredible Charts software that even I use and has a quite down to earth and realistic approach to technical analysis. His free email newsletter Trading Diary is one of two trading related commentaries I read regularly, it is short, to the point and very enjoyable. I’d love to have a chat and think a lot of listeners would get a lot out of what he has to say.

David Aronson is the Author of “Evidence Based Technical Analysis“, I book I truly enjoyed reading. As the name says, finally there is someone who put TA to a proper, scientific test. How he did that, how to properly approach the subject and what he found, that would make a killer of an interview.

Michael Pascoe, of course, I am a huge fan of his commentaries on various media outlets around Australia. Here is his web site and here is one of his articles from way back, but it is a great example of what I love about Mr Pascoe’s writing. I think he also would be a great candidate for a chat about the GFC, what happened and what the lessons are we have learned.

Alan Kohler, the father figure of Australian business journalism, the Sir Michael Parkinson of the finance world. His way of interviewing business leaders is so smooth, it would make it very tough for me to interview him. His commentaries on the Eureka Report are a great mix of entertainment and incredible depth of knowledge.

Patrick Commins and Jens Meyer, both business journalists for Fairfax. They are also the moderators for the Sydney Morning Herals’s Markets Live Blog and that is the reason why I would like to have a chat. Its quite an interesting blog that is open during trading hours providing live commentary on the events in the finance world while also providing a platform for readers to comment and rant.

Bradley Rogers, the author of Unfortunately as of lately the site has been down, which is a real shame. Reading his web site was incredibly eye opening to me and judging from the site, he has a lot of useful information to share. Lots of hobby traders would probably benefit immensely from his trading experience.