Tom Webster – Free public Wifi is not so free and what to do with all those passwords

Tom Webster

Tom Webster

Tom Webster is a computer security expert from Ohio and we chat about the risks you are exposed to when you log on to a “free” public WiFi (or for my European listeners WLAN) network. I used to love free public WiFi and after listening to Tom on his podcast, I no longer use it.


As far as passwords are concerned, do you do what I used to do and have a handful of passwords that you re-use for all sorts of sites? Well, here is the short version – don’t!  Tom shares a few clever and very secure tips on how you can deal with the flood of passwords we all have to deal with.

I know, what has all this got to do with trading? Well, most traders I know make use of the fact that to trade you to not necessarily have to sit in an office. They take their laptops with them and log on to their various trading platforms from wherever they can. Hence I thought I provide a bit of information about how everybody, but fellow traders in particular, can stay reasonably secure while logging on to the Internet from all sorts of public places.


InThirty:Security Episode #17. This is the episode we were talking about a lot. It’s almost as good as the interview I did with Tom (actually, I think it is better in many ways).

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