Interview with Tom Webster – What are bitcoins?

What are BitcoinsWhat are Bitcoins? How secure are they? How anonymous are they? Is it really the currency of the underworld? Computer security expert Tom Webster is back on the show, and we are taking on the subject of “What are bitcoins?”


The best explanation of public key encryption I have come across

Another good link on public key encryption

Tom used to send me US$1 worth of bitcoins. I went there, signed in and sure enough, it was just waiting there for me. If you use this link to go to Coinbase and complete your sign up (free of course), we both get US$1 in bitcoin. If you’d rather not do that, just go to via that link and have a look around.

Good place to see Bitcoin Price Charts

My previous interview with Tom Webster on WiFi Security and the pitfalls of public “free” WiFi

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Tom Webster on G+

Tom Webster’s Blog

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